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Words of Praise


Increasing Your Personal and Professional Effectiveness...

Dr. Dixie Benshoff has written a practical guide for women who want to enhance their effectiveness in professional settings as well as in their personal lives.  This guide is based on her extensive experience working with others in counseling and education and is backed by theoretical underpinnings from the psychological literature.  She shares personal stories from her own life as well as from those she’s taught which makes this guide readable and relatable.  Most importantly, she provides useful skills that can easily be applied in everyday life.  Having known Dr. Benshoff for over thirty-five years and benefited from her wisdom and knowledge, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and feel better about themselves doing so. 

Denise D. Gibson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emerita

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Family & Community Medicine

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Dr. Benshoff delivers a powerful message and provides the knowledge and

skills to increase confidence, improve communication skills, and enhance women's professional and personal success.  Through case vignettes, simple techniques, and practice activities, the reader reaps the benefit of years of experience and the collective wisdom and resilience of those courageous women who lead the way. 

I encourage you to read, reflect, and act.  And when you succeed, and you will - congratulate yourself!

Holly Gerzina, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Executive Director

Interprofessional Education & Simulation

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Words of Praise


David was a Pirate...

David was a Pirate is a wonderful book to share with any young child ready to make the transition to a new educational environment. I think it would be particularly appropriate for the more creative, spirited child - the storyline provides just the right amount of "it's going to be o.k." and "school isn't going to be so bad after all!"

Janel Koellner, MA Ed.

Assistant Director, Faculty Support

Former Elementary Educator


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