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Dr. Dixie L. Benshoff


For additional information or to schedule a workshop or individual coaching session, please complete the contact form.  

Thank You!

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For Portage County

Children are Forever Program

DO NOT Contact Dr. Benshoff directly!

 You Must Follow the Directions Below!

Phone Registration Required!

To register, call (330) 298-3333

What to Expect When You Call:


1. Your call will be answered between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday         through Friday.   You may leave a message at any other  time or      between noon and 1:00.      

2. You must spell your first and last names distinctly.

3. You must leave your court case

     number when registering.

4. You must leave a reliable telephone number, however

     number, however DO NOT expect a call back.

5.  If there is no temporary protection order of civil protection

     order you will automatically be registered for the next available

     seminar. The date of the seminar will be included in the 


6.  If you are not registered you will not be admitted to the 


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