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Books Authored by Dr. Dixie Benshoff

Increasing Your Personal and Professional Effectiveness:

A Manual for Women Who Want to Accomplish More without Changing Who They Are

by Dr. Dixie L. Benshoff is useful to men and women. In a very user-friendly style, this book gives practical examples for how anyone can handle controversy and conflict in a way that leaves them feeling at peace with how they did so. It is designed so that the busy person can pick it up, read a chapter, try out a few activities and return to the book when they have time. If you have ever attended one of Dr. Benshoff’s workshops you’re going to want this book. If you haven’t – no worries the book can stand alone as an example of ways to become more effective and still remain true to yourself.

Now Available for Children!

David Was a Pirate

Dr. Dixie Benshoff is a well-trained psychologist and teacher with over 16 years of experience working in public education and helping children of all backgrounds adjust to the school environment.  What she was not prepared for was being a mother of a little boy with a very vivid imagination and a surplus of self-confidence.  When it came time for kindergarten David politely declined, assuring his mother that being a pirate was all the educational opportunity he would ever need.  Besides, Bunker his dog and constant companion, had not done especially well at obedience training, and that was all that David needed to know about the subject of school. Thank you very much. In addition to immersing himself in the world of pirates, David loved it when his mother read to him, and he desperately wanted to be able to read independently. Capitalizing on both his favorite things to do, Dixie wrote this book to let David know that in the hands of the right teacher school can enrich your life experience and inspire young pirates to set sail for unchartered destinations


 Dixie turned to her friend Nancy Gabalac whom she had met in graduate school.  They had this in common: both had mothers who were teachers; both were married to attorneys; both held a successful career in the counseling profession; both believed in compassionate service to the disabled and both struggled to assert themselves during a time in history when women did not do so.  Most importantly, both were trying very hard to balance these roles and not shortchange their children whom they were unquestionably devoted to. Oh, there was one more thing: they both had an intense appreciation for the arts- Dixie studied literature and Nancy studied art.


David Was a Pirate is their attempt to pay homage to their own mothers and to the teaching profession, but most importantly reassure all children that life can be an awfully exciting adventure when you take charge of it!

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